Our Team



 With over 30 years of involvement in multicultural management roles, Konrad A. Warner, is an advisor at  RAE Consulting, a Professional Development provider. Having had the opportunity to travel to over 100 countries in those 30 years not just as a passive observer, but intentionally assimilating into those cultures, he is now well placed to embrace learning outcomes viewed through the lens of multiculturalism. That exposure was cemented as he served for the better part of 20 years as an Airline Captain for two of the three Middle East Airlines (ME3s) as they are known in the aviation industry. With decidedly strong technical and procedural disciplines as a baseline, he has also nurtured the flexibility a manager needs to allow teams under his supervision to maximize their symbiotic potential. He is well schooled in Resource Management, Corporate Ethics, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Conflict Management and Human Factors.

As a volunteer in humanitarian relief efforts in various parts of the world, he is also well aware of the value of giving much needed assistance to those in need.





 Dr.  Racquel Warner is a career educator and trainer with over 30 years international teaching experience across the full spectrum of education. She is currently volunteers an advisory board member at RAE Consultants. She has served in various academic and leadership positions at major universities in Dubai. She holds Doctorate of Education from the University of Exeter in England.

Dr. Warner has conducted Executive Education and Professional Development training for over 15 years and is able to assist organizations to strategically access the continued professional development needs and to design and deliver timely training interventions that equip and motivate staff and leaders to deal with their most pressing challenges. She is also a certified Emotional Intelligence Coach and is able to conduct full EI evaluation and implementation to help organizations function at an optimal level.   While she is an expert face to face trainer, she is flexible with e-learning facilitation. Her research interest are in leadership development, diversity management and lifelong learning.  She is an executive member of a number of educational and professional bodies including the Association of International Business MENA. Dr. Warner actively supports the development and accessibility of quality education to at risk groups in low-income countries like Nepal.  She has published her work and presented at many international conferences.





Khayerunisaa Abbas is able to offer organisations the combination of HR Line Management experience; along with skills as an NLP Certified Trainer and AoEC Executive Coach. She designs her activities and workshops to encourage learning, participation and enjoyment. Focussed to specific learning points, she ensures that learning can be evaluated and transferred to the workplace.


Khayerunisaa has a passion for learning and making her contribution interesting and enjoyable. She has first-hand experience of working with a wide range of organisations within the Government and Private Sector and across a wide range of industries. This has provided her with working knowledge and understanding of the opportunities facing GCC organisations.


As a result of her 20+ years of experience in HR in the Middle East, Levant, UK, Europe and Asia, she has acquired expertise regarding the impact of human dynamics on organizational effectiveness, corporate and individual performance, as well as growth and transformation.


Khayerunisaa is an advocate for customer centricity and is able to communicate at all levels, bringing energy and enthusiasm, motivating and inspiring others, she has extensive client management and business development skills and is capable to transfer these across during individual interactions with clients as well as within a group dynamic.